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by McMahon
It's true I'm a stranger in the midst of you all.
I feel myself happy when on me you call,
To sing a few verses you ne'ar heard before,
In praise of our parish, sweet lovely Rossmore.
Our boys they are active both nimble and tall.
They have a great honour for kicking the ball.
With our brotherly love we each other adore,
And we all live contented in lovely Rossmore.
There's a neat little stream that flows gentle and keen,
By the breast of Park valley and famed Turaheen.
It flows slowly onwards on slowly does so,
By that ancient old creamery that stands in Rossmore.
Just as you pass by if you fancy a drop,
You need only slip into William's Davern's big shop.
It's there you'll get whiskey and porter galore,
And the best in old Ireland is sold in Rossmore.
, You can see our fine chapel just as you pass by,
And the missioners cross we erected close by.
The yard it contains a square acre or more.
There's a scene of great beauty in lovely Rossmore.
Now my song it has ended and I hope you're all pleased.
I have done my best our good parish to praise.
So shove 'round the grog it's the stuff we adore,
And we'll drink a good health to the people of Rossmore


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