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Match Tracker Clonoulty/Rossmore V Thurles Sarsfields 5/10/08

County Senior Hurling Championship Semi-Final RESULT

Thurles Sarsfields 1-14 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-17

Updates by Tipperary PRO Ed Donnelly

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Round-up - a forgettable first half was followed by an excellent second half - Sarsfields were expected to go on to win when they went ahead by three points with five minutes left but to be fair, Clonoulty deserved something out of this match and equalised twice in the closing stages to ensure a replay next Sunday at 3:00pm in Semple Stadium.

FINAL SCORE - Thurles Sarsfields 1-14 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-17

59th minute - Thomas Butler scores a point for Clonoulty - the sides are level again - two minutes of injury time to play - Thurles Sarsfields 1-14 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-17

59th minute - Lar Corbett puts Sarsfields back in front - Thurles Sarsfields 1-14 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-16

59th minute - John O'Neill sets up John Devane for a Clonoulty point - the sides are level - Thurles Sarsfields 1-13 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-16

57th minute - Aidan Butler hits a lovely point for Clonoulty - Hold the Back Page!- Thurles Sarsfields 1-13 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-15

56th minute - Timmy Hammersley scores a pointed free for Clonoulty - Thurles Sarsfields 1-13 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-14

55th minute - Pa Bourke shoots a lovely point from play with his left side from the sideline - Sarsfields up by 3 points now - is it going to be enough? - Thurles Sarsfields 1-13 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-13

54th minute - John Devane fouls Lar Corbett and Pa Bourke points the free - Thurles Sarsfields 1-12 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-13

54th minute - SUB - Liam Devane for Conor Ryan for Clonoulty

53rd minute - SUB David O'Dwyer for Jim Corbett on the Sarsfields team

53rd minute - John O'Neill sees his shot go just wide - it's anyone's match now.

51st minute - a quick line ball by Redser finds sub Richie Ruth free and Ruth scores a point - Thurles Sarsfields 1-11 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-13

49th minute - John O'Neill scores another point from play to level the scores again - Thurles Sarsfields 1-10 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-13

49th minute - SUB - Richie Ruth for Wayne Cully on the Sarsfields team

48th minute - Wayne Cully gets a point from play for Sarsfields after a pass from Pa Bourke Thurles Sarsfields 1-10 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-12

48th minute - John O'Neill his the equalising point for Clonoulty - Thurles Sarsfields 1-9 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-12

45th minute - Timmy Hammersley points a free for Clonoulty from 47 metres out, his 10th score. Clonoulty are hanging in there - a nervous closing quarter in store for favourites Sarsfields - Thurles Sarsfields 1-9 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-11

44th minute - Pa Bourke points a free for Sarsfields after Lar Corbett is fouled - Thurles Sarsfields 1-9 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-10

44th minute - SUB - John Lawlor replaces Tom King for Sarsfields

43rd minute - A Timmy Hammersley free drops shot - Sarsfields goalie Patrick McCormack bats out the ball before Thomas Butler following up sees his shot deflected for a 65 metre free. Could have gone anywhere. Hammersley points the 65 metre free - Thurles Sarsfields 1-8 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-10

42nd minute - Timmy Hammersley scores a point from play for Clonoulty- Thurles Sarsfields 1-8 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-9

41st minute - Shane Ryan scores a point from play after a cross field pass from Redser - Thurles Sarsfields 1-8 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-8

39th minute - John O'Neill scores a point from play for Clonoulty after a good catch - Thurles Sarsfields 1-7 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-8

38th minute - Timmy Hammesley gets a pointed free from the middle of the field - Thurles Sarsfields 1-7 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-7

35th minute - Tony Ruth is fouled by the Clonoulty goalkeeper Declan O'Dwyer - the 20 metre free is pointed by Pa Bourke - Thurles Sarsfields 1-7 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-6

34th minute - SUB - Clonoulty bring in Paudie White for Jason Forristal.

32nd minute - Lar Corbett gets a good point from play from 55 metres out - Thurles Sarsfields 1-6 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-6

32nd minute - Pa Bourke makes a good run in towards goal but is half hooked and his shot goes meekly wide.

31st minute - the second half is underway - Lar Corbett starts at midfield for the second half. Timmy Hammersley is now at full-forward on Padraig Maher.

Half-time round-up - this is a poor enough match - plenty of goal chances, especially for Clonoulty's John O'Neill but the only green flag was raised after a 20 metre free from Pa Bourke of Sarsfields. There is very little between the sides at present - things can only get better from a neutral perspective. 12 scores, 12 wides (7 wides for Sarsfields).

HALF-TIME - Thurles Sarsfields 1-5 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-6

35th minute - Pa Bourke gets another point from a free from the middle of the field - Thurles Sarsfields 1-5 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-6

33rd minute - another John O'Neill goal chance, this time he gets his shot away but Sarsfields goalie Patrick McCormack makes an excellent save to deflect the ball out for a 65 metre free which Clonoulty take quickly before Timmy Hammersley hits the ball wide.

32nd minute - Timmy Hammersley points a free for Clonoulty after Lar Corbett is penalised for over-carrying in his own half-back line - Thurles Sarsfields 1-4 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-6

30th minute - the fourth official puts up the board with five minutes of injury time. There has been a lot of stoppages in a stop - start first half.

30th minute - Timmy Hammersley gets a point from a free - he has all of Clonoulty's scores so far, 4 frees and 1 from play - Thurles Sarsfields 1-4 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-5

28th minute - GOAL - Jim Corbett is fouled just on the edge of the square, it was touch and go for a penalty but a 20 metre free is awarded - probably the right decision. Doesn't matter either way as Pa Bourke rifles the ball high to the net with 5 Clonoulty men guarding the line - Thurles Sarsfields 1-4 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-4

28th minute - Timmy Hammersley points the 65 metre free and the sides are level - Thurles Sarsfields 0-4 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-4

27th minute - John O'Neill bears down on goal again for Clonoulty but his shot is again well hooked before Sarsfields concede a 65m free.

26th minute - YELLOW CARD - Pa Bourke gets a yellow card for an off the ball incident with Clonoulty corner-back Joey O'Keeffe.

24th minute - A goal chance for Sarsfields - Pa Bourke sets up a goal chance for Jim Corbett but Corbett's shot from close range is well blocked by Declan O'Dwyer in the Clonoulty goal. Corbett should have done better - Thurles Sarsfields 0-4 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-3

24th minute - Timmy Hammersley points a free from inside his own 65 metre line after John Devane was fouled - Thurles Sarsfields 0-4 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-3

22nd minute - Pa Bourke points a free from 55 metres - the first score in 17 minutes - Sarsfields now up by two points - Thurles Sarsfields 0-4 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-2

21st minute - YELLOW CARD - James Heffernan gets booked for hitting back at Lar Corbett after Clonoulty had won the ball. Needless foul - can Pa Bourke break the scoring duck?

20th minute - more wides for both teams - can someone please put the ball over the bar? The teams are cancelling each other out here - poor fare.

17th minute - SUB - another injury stoppage, this time Sarsfields Kevin O'Gorman has to leave the field and is being replaced again by Garry Mernagh - this time as a full sub.

16th minute - John O'Neill of Clonoulty bursts through the Sarsfields defence - his first attempt at a shot is well hooked and his second shot is well saved at close range by Sarsfields goalie Patrick McCormack - another let off for Sarsfields - Thurles Sarsfields 0-3 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-2

16th minute - no score in 11 minutes now. Poor stuff early on - 3 wides each since the last score.

12th minute - after a lively opening 5 minutes, there has been no score now for 7 minutes and a few stoppages for injuries as well. Not a great flow to the match at the moment - both defences are well on top early on.

12th minute - A long free in to the Sarsfields goalmouth is hit by John O'Neill but goes just wide, a goal chance - a let off for Sarsfields. Thurles Sarsfields 0-3 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-2

10th minute - BLOOD SUB - Gary Mernagh is introduced as a blood sub for Kevin O'Gorman - Liam Cahill puts the free wide.

9th minute - YELLOW CARD - Tom Butler of Clonoulty gets a yellow card for a strong challenge on Kevin O'Gorman - Thurles Sarsfields 0-3 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-2

7th minute - a sideline cut for Sarsfields is put over the bar by Wayne Cully - but wait, the referee Johnny McDonnell was still talking to Redser so it doesn't count - Cully takes it again and puts it wide - Thurles Sarsfields 0-3 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-2

5th minute - Pa Bourke gets an excellent point from play with a left hand shot from the sideline - Thurles Sarsfields 0-3 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-2

4th minute - Timmy Hammersley gets a good point for Clonoulty after a good pass from Thomas Butler - Thurles Sarsfields 0-2 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-2

4th minute - Shane Ryan gets the first point from play for Sarsfields - Thurles Sarsfields 0-2 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-1

3rd minute - Timmy Hammersley points a free from the middle of the field after Ger "Redser" O'Grady commits the foul - Thurles Sarsfields 0-1 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-1

2nd minute - Timmy Hammersley fouls Liam Cahill resulting in a free for Sarsfields from 55 metres out. Pa Bourke points the free - Thurles Sarsfields 0-1 Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-0

1st minute - Aidan Butler his a wide for Clonoulty - the first shot in anger

2:00pm - Thurles Sarsfields won the toss and will play in to the Town End in the first half. The game is about to commence.

1:56pm - Team News

The team news is as follows. Michael Gleeson is injured for Thurles Sarsfields so Tony Ruth comes in. Sarsfields probably won't line out as per below but that is what is in the match programme so that is all I have for the moment.

Clonoulty-Rossmore - Declan O'Dwyer; Kevin Horan, James Heffernan, Joey O'Keeffe; Jason Forristal, John Heffernan (Captain), John Devane; Conor Ryan, Tom Butler; Timmy Hammersley, Thomas Butler, John O'Keeffe; Fiachra O'Keeffe, Aidan Butler, John O'Neill

Thurles Sarsfields: Patrick McCormack; Michael Collins, Padraig Maher, Kevin O'Gorman; Michael Cahill, Liam Cahill, Tom King; Stephen Lillis (Captain), Tony Ruth; Jim Corbett, Lar Corbett, Wayne Cully; Pa Bourke, Shane Ryan, Ger O'Grady

Johnny McDonnell of Roscrea is the referee.

1:20pm - 40 minutes to throw-in and its the calm before the storm - there are a few dozen people in Semple Stadium as the Stewards, Gate checkers and others involved in the running of match days in Thurles get ready for the semi-finals. The forecast was spot on - the sod of Semple Stadium looks fantastic with the bright sunshine covering the pitch but for a small portion covered by the shadow of the Old Stand. There is a light breeze blowing just enough to make the tri-colour move every now and again - nothing that will affect the games today. Team news on Sarsfields (warming up on the Outside Field to my right) and Clonoulty-Rossmore to follow prior to throw-in.

Weather forecast

11:40am - The scene is set for what promises to be an absorbing day of hurling at Semple Stadium this afternoon. The weather forecast is good with no rain expected, plenty of sunshine, a gentle breeze and temperatures in the range of 10 to 12 degress Celcius during the afternoon. A bit chilly perhaps but given the weather Ireland has experienced in 2008, one could not ask for much better on the first Sunday in October.

Log back in here again around 1:45pm for the team news in advance of the first match between Thurles Sarsfields and Clonoulty-Rossmore.


Tipperary County Senior Hurling Semi-Final 2008

By Diarmuid O'Flynn

Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-17 Thurles Sarsfields 1-14

HOW CAN two talent-laden teams combine to produce a display as sterile
as we saw for most of this Tipperary SHC semi-final in Semple Stadium

With 12 minutes to go, the scoreline read 1-9 to 0-11 in favour of
Thurles Sarsfields, and it was dire stuff. Consider this; of the 11
Clonoulty-Rossmore points, 10 had been scored by wing-forward Tommy
Hammersley, and eight of those were from placed balls. Of the Sars 1-9,
free-taker Pa Bourke had 1-6, and again, 1-5 from dead balls.

Passionless, lifeless, bloodless, it appeared as though neither side had
any great interest in reaching the county final. There were exceptions
of course, on both sides, the likes of Liam and Michael Cahill in the
Sars half-back line, Lar Corbett and young Bourke up front, while James
and John Heffernan held the middle in the Clonoulty-Rossmore defence,
Hammersley hammering away in the forwards, but this was training-field
hurling, early season training-field at that - lethargic, desultory.

Finally, however, it began to happen, and the final minutes brought
redemption of sorts. Almost a score a minute, good scores, and most of
those from play, where heretofore we had been mired in mediocrity.

Clonoulty-Rossmore managed to add six points, against five from Thurles
Sarsfields, which means they get to do it all again next weekend, at a
time and venue yet to be decided.

Thurles had the first score, a long pointed free from Pa Bourke after
three minutes. Hammersley hit an almost instant reply. Midfielder Shane
Ryan was next on the board for Sars, Hammersley again with an answer (he
scored all Clonoulty's six first-half points), before Bourke edged
Thurles ahead with a fine point from wide left. Then began the sterility
- 17 minutes without a score. To a few derisory cheers, Bourke ended
that sequence with a free from dead centre, 55m out, in the 23rd minute,
to nudge Thurles two points in front, but already this game was gasping
for oxygen.

Over the next five minutes Clonoulty managed to score a couple of
points, per Hammersley of course, to restore parity, before, in the 30th
minute, we had the game's only major. A free for Sars after a foul on
Jim Corbett, was hit with extraordinary venom from about 13m (a long
lift/carry) by Bourke, putting Thurles in the driving-seat, 1-4 to 0-4.
Clonoulty did come back, two more Hammersley points, to yet another from
Bourke leaving them just two behind at the break, 1-5 to 0-6.

The second half started off with another slow procession of points, five
for Clonoulty, four for Sars, which brought us to that 1-9 to 0-11
scoreline, 12 minutes left on the clock. Then came that redemption, some
real hurling. Started with a fine Clonoulty point from John O'Neill, his
second of the game, answered within a minute by Thurles wing-forward
Wayne Cully (instantly replaced, for his trouble!), before O'Neill again
was on target. 1-10 to 0-13, the game had picked up, the crowd got
involved, but when Thurles raced into a three-point lead (sub Richie
Ruth with his first touch, Bourke with a brace) with four minutes
remaining, it looked curtains for Clonoulty. They didn't panic, however,
and suddenly Hammersley was getting assistance on the scoreboard from a
number of sources. A pointed free from himself, then a point from
full-forward Aidan Butler, a super effort from wing-back John Devane and
it was all square again, 1-13 to 0-16.

When Sars again hit the front in the 60th minute, we had almost come to
expect the immediate reply from Clonoulty, this time from giant
centre-forward Thomas Butler. Lar Corbett did have two late half-chances
for Sars from but both faded wide. Good finish, pity about the rest.

Scorers for Clonoulty-Rossmore: T. Hammersley 0-11 (0-7 frees 0-2 65's);
John O'Neill 0-3; J. Devane, Thomas Butler, A. Butler, 0-1 each.

Thurles Sarsfields: P. Bourke 1-8 (1-6 frees); S. Ryan 0-2; L. Corbett
0-2; W. Cully, R. Ruth, 0-1 each.

CLONOULTY-ROSSMORE: D. O'Dwyer; Joey O'Keeffe, J. Heffernan (c), K.
Horan; John O'Keeffe, J. Heffernan (c), J. Devane; C. Ryan, Tom Butler;
J. Forrestal, T. Hammersley, Thomas Butler; F. O'Keeffe, A. Butler, J.

Subs: P. White (Forrestal 35); L. Devane (Ryan 55).

THURLES SARS: P. McCormack; M. Collins, P. Maher, K. O'Gorman; T. King,
L. Cahill, M. Cahill; S. Lillis (c), S. Ryan; J. Corbett, G. O'Grady, W.
Cully; T. Ruth, L. Corbett, P. Bourke. Subs: G. Mernagh (O'Gorman inj.
11); J. Lawlor (King 44); R. Ruth (Cully 50); D. O'Dwyer (Corbett 55);
J. Enright (T. Ruth 58).

Referee: J. McDonnell (Roscrea).

County Senior Hurling Championship Quarter-Final RESULT

Clonoulty-Rossmore 1-15 Mullinahone 0-17

Team and Scorers

Clonoulty-Rossmore: Declan O'Dwyer; Kevin Horan, James Heffernan, Anthony Kearney; Joey O'Keeffe, John Heffernan (Captain), John Devane; Conor Ryan, John O'Keeffe (0-1); Timmy Hammersley (0-6, 0-5 frees), Aidan Butler (1-0 free), Thomas Butler; Fiachra O'Keeffe (0-1), Tom Butler (0-6), John O'Neill
Subs: Brian Ryan for Horan, Jason Forristal (0-1) for Thomas Butler, Liam Devane for Brian Ryan

Mullinahone: Sean Fore; Ky Vaughan, Paul Curran, Edwin O'Meara; Ned Tobin, Brian O'Meara, AJ Cronin; Donal Cody, Edward O'Brien; Philip O'Shea, Kevin Bolger (0-1), Alan Curran; Pat Croke, Eoin Kelly (Captain - 0-10, 0-9 frees), Eddie Carey (0-5)
Subs: Sean Curran (0-1) for Tobin, Kevin Walzer for AJ Cronin

Round-up - After a quiet enough first half, this match roared in to life in the second half. Mullinahone looked quite lethargic in the first half and trailed by six points at half-time but the South team scored six unanswered points to level the scores after 41 minutes. From there on, it was nip and tuck with Clonoulty edging in front with Mullinahone always pegging back the lead and in the 58th minute, helped by five points from play by Eddie Carey, Mullinahone took the lead for the first time. However, Clonoulty did not give and two massive points by Tom Butler (he scored six in all) ensured that it is Clonoulty who go through to the semi-finals.

FINAL SCORE - Clonoulty-Rossmore 1-15 Mullinahone 0-17

Result - Seamus O Riain Cup - Kilruane MacDonaghs 4-18 Upperchurch-Drombane 4-7

62nd minute - Mullinahone have one last chance but Sean Curran's shot goes wide and Clonoulty win by a single point. What a second half!

60th minute - Tom Butler is on fire as he scores his sixth point from play to put Clonoulty back in front. Clonoulty-Rossmore 1-15 Mullinahone 0-17

59th minute - Tom Butler scores another point from play for Clonoulty and the sides are level again - an exciting finish here in Thurles. Clonoulty-Rossmore 1-14 Mullinahone 0-17

58th minute - Eoin Kelly strikes a free from his own 65 metre line and it sales over the bar. to give Mullinahone the lead for the first time - Clonoulty-Rossmore 1-13 Mullinahone 0-17

57th minute - Eoin Kelly is fouled and he points the free from 20 metres to equalise again - will we find a winner in normal time? - Clonoulty-Rossmore 1-13 Mullinahone 0-16

56th minute - a great effort from Tom Butler puts Clonoulty in front by a point - Clonoulty-Rossmore 1-13 Mullinahone 0-15

54th minute - Eoin Kelly points a free for Mullinahone and they are level again - Clonoulty-Rossmore 1-12 Mullinahone 0-15

53rd minute - Timmy Hammerley points a free for Clonoulty to put them back in front - it's going to the wire here. - Clonoulty-Rossmore 1-12 Mullinahone 0-14

Score update - Seamus O Riain Cup Semi-Final after 50 minutes - Kilruane MacDonaghs 3-13 Upperchurch-Drombane 4-6

51st minute - Eddie Carey break away to score from play again and the sides are level - Clonoulty-Rossmore 1-11 Mullinahone 0-14

50th minute - Eddie Carey hits a lovely point from play, his fourth in all - Clonoulty-Rossmore 1-11 Mullinahone 0-13

49th minute - Timmy Hammersley points a free from 65 metres to put Clonoulty two in front - Clonoulty-Rossmore 1-11 Mullinahone 0-12

48th minute - Eoin Kelly points a 65 metre free for Mullinahone - just a point in it again. Clonoulty-Rossmore 1-10 Mullinahone 0-12

46th minute - a bad mistake in the Mullinahone defence gifts Clonoulty sub Jason Forristal a point from play. Have the West champions weathered the storm? - Clonoulty-Rossmore 1-10 Mullinahone 0-11

43rd minute - Tom Butler scores a point from play for Clonoulty after a pass from John O'Neill - Clonoulty-Rossmore 1-9 Mullinahone 0-11

41st minute - Alan Curran is fouled for Mullinahone and Eoin Kelly points the free to level the scores. I don't know what was in the tea in the Mullinahone dressing room but I want some!  We are in for an exciting finish now! Can Clonoulty respond? Clonoulty-Rossmore 1-8 Mullinahone 0-11

39th minute - Kevin Bolger scores a point for Mullinahone from play - it's all Mullinahone now - one point in it and all to play for! - Clonoulty-Rossmore 1-8 Mullinahone 0-10

38th minute - Eoin Kelly points a free for Mullinahone - that's four points in a row. Have Clonoulty any response? Clonoulty-Rossmore 1-8 Mullinahone 0-9

37th minute - SUB - Jason Forristal replaces Thomas Butler on the Clonoulty team.

Score update - Seamus O Riain Cup Semi-Final Half-Time score - Kilruane MacDonaghs 2-8 Upperchurch-Drombane 2-6

35th minute - Eddie Carey scores his third point from play - Mullinahone's play is much improved - Clonoulty-Rossmore 1-8 Mullinahone 0-8

32nd minute - Eoin Kelly scores his first point from play and the deficit is down to four points - Clonoulty-Rossmore 1-8 Mullinahone 0-7

31st minute - a good point from play by Sean Curran for Mullinahone - Clonoulty-Rossmore 1-8 Mullinahone 0-6

31st minute - SUB - half-time sub for Clonoulty - Brian Ryan replaces Kevin Horan at corner-back

Half time Round-up - Clonoulty-Rossmore are well on top here in Semple Stadium. After racing in to an early four point lead, the West champions took their foot off the pedal and let Mullinahone back in to the game and after 20 minutes, there was just a point in it. Clonoulty finished the half the better team though scoring 1-3 without reply with the goal coming from an Aidan Butler 20 metre free. Clonoulty have all the aces at present with very few of the Mullinahone team playing well. Eoin Kelly is no threat as of yet for Mullinahone up front as he is being well marshalled by a disciplined Clonoulty defence. It's not a great game but few expected Clonoulty to dominate to the extent they have and are well worth their six point lead.

HALF-TIME - Clonoulty-Rossmore 1-8 Mullinahone 0-5

32nd minute - a free for Mullinahone is pointed by Eoin Kelly from 60 metres out. Clonoulty-Rossmore 1-8 Mullinahone 0-5

31st minute - Tom Butler scores a point from play after an excellent passing move by Clonoulty who are now well on top on the field and more importantly on the scoreboard - Clonoulty-Rossmore 1-8 Mullinahone 0-4

30th minute - John O'Keeffe scores a good point for Clonoulty after Eoin Kelly loses posession - Clonoulty-Rossmore 1-7 Mullinahone 0-4

26th minute - SUB - Sean Curran is introduced for Mullinahone in place of Ned Tobin.

24th minute - GOAL - Fiachra O'Keeffe got in behind the Mullinahone defence but was blatantly fouled - the 20 metre free for Clonoulty was taken by Aidan Butler and his low shot found it's way past 5 on the Mullinahone line for a goal - Clonoulty-Rossmore 1-6 Mullinahone 0-4

22nd minute - Timmy Hammersley points a free for Clonoulty after Eoin Kelly commits the foul - Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-6 Mullinahone 0-4

21st minute - Paul Curran is defending well for Mullinahone at full-back for Mullinahone while old friends Brian O'Meara and Aidan Butler are having a good tussle at centre-back and centre-forward respectively.

20th minute - Eddie Carey scores his second point from play for Mullinahone - Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-5 Mullinahone 0-4

18th minute - Clonoulty have had the better of the opening exchanges but are struggling to score from play as Mullinahone have reduced the lead to two points. Both sides have been guilty of some poor wides.

16th minute - the first point from play for Mullinahone - Eddie Carey with a good catch and point - Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-5 Mullinahone 0-3

Comment - Hello to Rossmore native Seamus Coen who is following the game online from Scotland.

12th minute - Eoin Kelly points a free for Mullinahone who have shown no threat from play as of yet. Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-5 Mullinahone 0-2

11th minute - Timmy Hammersley is fouled for Clonoulty and points the resutant free for Clonoulty - Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-5 Mullinahone 0-1

9th minute - Eoin Kelly wins a free 40 yards out from goal which is brought forward 10 metres for dissent. He takes the free himself and opens Mullinahone's account. Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-4 Mullinahone 0-1

8th minute - a point from play by Timmy Hammersley puts Clonoulty in front by four points early on. - Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-4 Mullinahone 0-0

4th minute - a free for Clonoulty pointed by Timmy Hammersley - Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-3 Mullinahone 0-0

3rd minute - Clonoulty are on fire but have missed 2 more chances - Mullinahone have not started playing yet.

2nd minute - Tom Butler opens the scoring with a good point from play. Followed by a good point from play by Fiachra O'Keeffe. Good start for Clonoulty. Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-2 Mullinahone 0-0

1st minute - Clonoulty win the throw-in but before long, Mullinahone midfielder Donal Cody picks up an injury and needs attention.

2:58pm - Clonoulty have arrived to do battle. Eoin Kelly and John Heffernan join Tommy Ryan for the toss won by Eoin Kelly for Mullinahone who will defend the Town End Terrace in the first half. There is little or no wind so it probably won't matter one way or the other. Game on !

2:56pm - Mullinahone are out on the field warming up - no sign of Clonoulty yet.

2:55pm - The referee for today's first match is Tommy Ryan of Kildangan.

2:50pm - Team News from Semple Stadium

Clonoulty-Rossmore: Declan O'Dwyer; Kevin Horan, James Heffernan, Anthony Kearney; Joey O'Keeffe, John Heffernan (Captain), John Devane; Conor Ryan, John O'Keeffe; Timmy Hammersly, Aidan Butler, Thomas Butler; Fiachra O'Keeffe, Tom Butler, John O'Neill

Mullinahone: Sean Fore; Ky Vaughan, Paul Curran, Edwin O'Meara; Ned Tobin, Brian O'Meara, AJ Cronin; Donal Cody, Edward O'Brien; Philip O'Shea, Kevin Bolger, Alan Curran; Pat Croke, Eoin Kelly (Captain), Eddie Carey

2:15pm - Welcome to the Live Match Tracker from Semple Stadium Thurles for what promises to be an excellent day of hurling action. First up it's the clash of Mullinahone and Clonoulty-Rossmore. It's an overcast, calm day in Thurles with conditions perfect for hurling. No wind, no sun and pleasantly mild for September. Roll on 3:00pm!

Weather forecast

Saturday 12:00pm - If looks like a beautiful day for the first of the County Senior Hurling Quarter-Finals at Semple Stadium Thurles this afternoon. The forecast for throw-in time of the first match at 3:00pm is to be Mostly Cloudy with some sunny spells and a nice autumn temperature of 15C.  Winds are not expected to be a factor at 6mph while the chances of rain are rated as small.



County U14 Hurling Final 21/9/08


Clonoulty-Rossmore ...................2-8 Toomevara ....................3-3

Clonoulty-Rossmore thanks to two late points defeated Toomevara in a thrilling County Under 14 A' hurling final at Borrisoleigh on Sunday. This game was an excellent advertisement for underage hurling and the large attendance were served up a fabulous contest between two well drilled and highly committed teams.

Clonoulty had the upper hand in the first half and led by two points at the break. Toomevara came back in the second half and they went three points ahead on two occasions but Clonoulty fought back each time and when it looked as if the game would end level up stepped the outstanding Sean Maher to score two points and give the West champions a dramatic victory.

The opening minutes were all Clonoulty and Sean Maher had two points on the scoreboard by the 3 rd minute. The same player followed with a point from a long range free and James Maher had another Clonoulty point to leave it 0-4 to nil after ten minutes. At this stage the Clonoulty midfield pairing of Sean Maher and Shane Kinane were dominating while Nicky Cullen and James Ryan were sweeping up in the half back line. Toomevara's first score didn't arrive until the 13 th minute but is was worth the wait. An expertly executed side line cut by Mark McCarthy found Pairic Shanahan and his blistering shot was excellently saved by Clonoulty's goalie Ian Kelly but Aoife Ryan was on hand to blast the rebound to the net. It was now game on and the tempo increased. Sean Maher pointed a Clonoulty free and wing back James Ryan who had a great first half added another point before Pairic Shanahan replied with a Toomevara point to leave the half time score Clonoulty-Rossmore 0-6 Toomevara 1-1.

Toomevara were quickly into their stride in the second half and Conor Delaney pointed after 30 seconds to reduce the deficit. Toomevara who were now playing with much more purpose were awarded a penalty in the 6 th minute. Full forward Aoife Ryan was fouled and Pairic Shanahan blasted the resultant penalty to the net to give Toome the lead for the first time. Shanahan added a point to leave a goal (2-3 to 0-6) between the teams. Clonoulty replied immediately when a Sean Maher shot from 30 metres deceived the Toome goalie Shane Nolan and ended up in the net to level the match. It was now end to end stuff and the lead changed again with ten minutes remaining when a Conor Delaney free from near the sideline on the halfway line went all the way to the Clonoulty net for a Toomevara goal. Clonoulty were back on level terms again within a minute. James Maher who was now operating around the middle of the field saw his effort from 65 metres end up in the back of the Toome net. The closing minutes were played at a frantic pace with both teams having chances to take the lead. Sean Maher gave Clonoulty the lead with two minutes remaining when following great play by James Ryan he struck a wonderful point and Maher sealed victory with another point a minute later.

Clonoulty-Rossmore will be well pleased with this win and they showed great character to grind out a memorable victory. Sean Maher was their key player and he gave a masterful display contributing 1-6 of his teams total. He was ably assisted by his midfield partner Shane Kinane while Paul Hayes, Nicky Cullen and James Ryan were rock solid in defence. James Maher did an amount of hurling in attack and at midfield in the closing stages.

Toomevara contributed to a great final and they had impressive displays from James Browne, Dean Ryan, Willie Coffey, Conor Delaney, Pairic Shanahan and Aoife Ryan.

Teams and scorers:

Clonoulty-Rossmore : Ian Kelly; Denis Murphy, Paul Hayes, Clodagh Quirke; Fergus Murray, Nicky Cullen, James Ryan (W) (0-1); Sean Maher (1-6), Shane Kinane; Sean Coffey, James Maher (1-1), Sarah Fryday; James Horan, David Dunne, Ronan Heffernan. Substitutes: Stephen Quinn, Paul Ryan.

Toomevara : Shane Nolan; Dean Nolan, Ashley Bentley, Cathal Kennedy; Colin Hall, James Brown, Willie Coffey; Conor Delaney (1-1), Jason Ryan; Padraic Shanahan (1-2), William Duggan, Mark McCarthy; Eric Campbell, Aoife Ryan (1-0), Gary McCarthy. Substitutes: Anthony Whelan.

Referee: Martin Ryan (Moyne-Templetuohy)


West S.H.C 2008

West Senior Hurling Final: Clonoulty/Rossmore V Eire Og Anacarty @ Dundrum 31/8/08

Clonoulty/Rossmore 1-13 Éire Óg/Annacarty 0-9

Clonoulty/Rossmore met Eire Og in the seventy ninth West SHC final at Dundrum on Sunday evening. Clonoulty were seeking their twelfth divisional success, while Eire Og were going for their ninth. Eire Óg were bridging a twenty one year gap, their last two titles in1981 and 1986 and remarkably the evergreen John Quinn featured in both those victories. The sides had already drawn this year in the league section and the fans were expecting another close encounter. However the game never rose above the ordinary and Clonoulty/Rossmore the current champions retained their Tipperary Co-Op Super Valu West championship title. They were chasing their third title in this decade and the two semi-final games against Cappawhite certainly stood to them. In fairness, Éire Óg the underdogs, who fought relegation last year, although out gunned fought to the end and could have goaled in the final minutes had not father time caught up with John Quinn.

In a rather tame opening half Clonoulty/Rossmore were well on top, their defence was impressive with John Devane outstanding with good support from John and James Heffernan. They were also shading the midfield battle with John O'Keeffe and the roaming John O'Neill impressive. Aidan Butler was having the better of his duel with Conor O'Brien and the Éire Óg defence was under constant pressure. A Ronan O'Brien free opened Éire Óg's account but Timmy Hammersley replied with another pointed free. However Clonoulty/Rossmore tagged on a further four points from Fiachra O'Keeffe, John O'Neill and two from Timmy Hammersley frees, and led 0-5 to 0-2 following a Damien O'Brien point from play at the end of the first quarter. Strangely this was to be Éire Óg's last score of the half. Only for poor shooting from play and placed balls Éire Óg would have been closer, indeed Clonoulty/Rossmore were also guilty of wayward shooting. The Clonoulty defensive sextet at this stage was well on top. Eire Óg had a goal chance from a twenty metre freeing the final ten minutes, but inexplicably Ronan Ó'Brien failed to lift the ball and the chance of a leveller was missed. Aidan Butler and John O'Neill increased Clonoulty's lead with points and a shot from Timmy Hammersley came back off the woodwork just before the interval. So at the short whistle Clonoulty/Rossmore led 0-7 to 0-2.

Éire Óg upped their challenge early in the second half. Wesley Ryan and Timmy Hammersley exchanged points. Damien O'Brien sent over a brace of points for Éire Óg to reduce the deficit to three points, eight minutes into the half, but this was as near as Éire Óg could get. Eire Óg suffered another early in the second half, when captain Patrick Horan had to retire. In fairness he had done his best to limit the effectiveness of man of the match John Devane. Éire Óg had gained some momentum but were running out of steam up front. Indeed they could have placed Conor O'Brien to midfield to better effect and also directed puck outs away from Devane. Timmy Hammersley converted a brace of frees and Padraig O'Dwyer replied for Éire Óg to leave Clonoulty/Rossmore ahead 0-10 to 0-6 at the three quarter stage. Deliveries out of defence from John Devane set up Jason Forrestal and John O'Keeffe for further Clonoulty/Rossmore points and Ronan O'Brien replied with a pointed free with ten minutes remaining. Still only five points separated the sides 0-12 to 0-7. Clonoulty had sent Aidan Butler to full forward duty and Timmy Hammersley roamed to midfield and the impressive Thomas Butler, although held scoreless by Ollie Kelly, went to centre forward.

A Timmy Hammersley free pointed Clonoulty/Rossmore further ahead and Philip McLoughlin set up the excellent Brian Fox for Éire Óg's eight point. Then the goal that killed the game off as a contest came eight minutes from the end, again after a long delivery from John Devane was collected by Timmy Hammersley and his shot across the Éire Óg goalmouth was hammered to the Éire Óg net by Fiachra O'Keeffe after beating two defenders. Eire Óg had a couple goal shots the last one sent out for a sixty five metre free which Ronan O'Brien converted to bring the curtain down on the final as ran out comfortable winners at Phil Ryan's long whistle.

Eire Óg had a range of talent, the Fox brothers Kevin and Brian, and the O'Brien brothers, Conor, Ronan and Damien. The young guns Eoin Kennedy and Padraig O'Dwyer were also prominent. However they were out muscled by a more experienced Clonoulty/Rossmore outfit which also had an array of talent including the O'Keeffe brothers, Joey, John, Fiachra and Con. Declan O'Dwyer was a safe keeper and Kevin Horan, Brian Ryan and Conor Ryan contributed well to this victory.

Clonoulty/Rossmore: Declan O'Dwyer; Kevin Horan, James Heffernan, Brian Ryan; Joey O'Keeffe, John Heffernan John Devane; Conor Ryan, John O'Keeffe (0-1); Timmy Hammersley (0-7; 0-6f., 0-1 65), Aidan Butler(0-1), Thomas Butler; Fiachra O'Keeffe(1-1), Con O'Keeffe, John O'Neill(0-2). Sub: Jason Forrestal (0-1) for Con O'Keeffe, Sean O'Connor for Brian Ryan,

Eire Og/Annacarty: Donncha Horgan, Daniel Hogan, Ollie Kelly, Michael McGrath, Brian Fox(0-1) , Conor O'Brien, Eoin Kennedy, Padraig O'Dwyer(0-1),Michael O'Dwyer; Kevin Fox, Ronan O'Brien(0-2f,0-165) , Patrick Horan; Wesley Ryan(0-1), Philip McLoughlin, Damian O'Brien(0-3) . Sub: John Quinn for Philip McLoughlin, Philip McLoughlin for Patrick Horan, Brian Ryan for Michael O'Dwyer.

Clonoulty-Rossmore 2-18 Golden-Kilfeacle 3-11 @ Dundrum 10/6/08

Clonoulty-Rossmore won this exciting Tipperary Co-Op Supervalu senior
hurling championship game at Dundrum on Tuesday evening of when they
defeated Golden-Kilfeacle by 2-18 to 3-11. It was a game that wasn't
really decided until three minutes from the end when, with the sides
level and the verdict very much in doubt, a mishit shot by Aidan Butler,
which the Golden keeper seemed to have covered, went through his fingers
into the net and give Clonoulty the advantage at a vital moment.

Golden-Kilfeacle were the first to score when wing forward, Damian
Fogarty, collected in the first minute and soloed through to scramble a
goal before the Clonoulty backs had settled down. Michael Harding, who
was to be deadly with placed balls during the first half, followed up
with a point to give Golden the best of all possible starts.
Aidan Butler registered for Clonoulty in their first attack and the
score was soon followed by another from Timmy Hammersley from a placed
ball. Michael Harding landed two long range frees - the second from a
hundred yards - for Golden before Hammersley had two for Clonoulty and a
third from John O'Neill from an acute angle. Harding replied with two
from frees and John Devane pointed for Clonoulty to leave the Golden in
front by 1-5 to 0-6 after the first quarter.

Neither side had the advantage at this stage and points were exchanged,
O'Neill for Clonoulty and Harding for Golden, both from places balls.
Clonoulty had the next two scores from O'Neill and Hammersley but Golden
followed up with two in quick succession from Jim Bob McCarthy, who had
their first from play, and Michael Harding who converted after a good
Golden were still ahead at this stage, leading by 1-8 to 0-9. Then in
the twenty-sixth minutes a great Clonoulty passing movement which began
at centrefield was eventually finished to the Golden net by Con O'Keeffe
to leave the score 1-9 to 1-8 in Clonoulty's favour.

Then in the twenty-eighth minute Michael Harding hit another long range
free straight into the Clonoulty goalmouth. Sean Carr, playing a
full-forward made an attempt to connect with it but it appeared to go
all the way to the net to put Golden back in the lead by 2-8 to 1-9 and
that was the way the sides were when referee, Eamonn Browne, signalled
When Golden look back on the game they will rue many missed chances in
the beginning of the second half. Whereas Michael Harding was unerring
during the first half, he had a nightmare during the opening ten minutes
missing three frees and a very scorable chance from play in the opening
ten minutes. Other Golden players were also culpable.

Clonoulty drew level with two points in the first couple of minutes from
Timmy Hammersley, the first the result of a loose clearance by the
Golden keeper. Sean Carr had Golden's first score in the sixth minute
and Fiachra O'Keeffe followed up for Clonoulty, as did Hamersley
immediately after. Jim Bob McCarthy had a point from a free and John
O'Neill replied with a point from play and after twelve minutes
Clonoulty were in front by 1-14 to 2-10.
Just before the end of the third quarter Golden got a very important
goal. Sean Carr, using his height and strength held off two of the
Clonoulty inside back line and passed the ball to Shane Stapleton, who
smashed it to the net to put Golden back in the lead by 3-10 to 1-14.

Clonoulty levelled again with points from John O'Neill and Aidan Butler.
Jim Bob McCarthy edged Golden in front with a point from a free but
Timmy Hammersley levelled for Clonoulty in the twenty-fifth minute.
And so the game remained entering the last five minutes. Then came
Butler's goal in the twenty-eighth minute, and Timmy Hammersley finished
the scoring with a good point in added-on time to give Clonoulty a
four-point victory on a scoreline of 2-18 to 3-11.

It was a cruel ending to the game for Golden, who deserved to take
something out of it. They had done enough to get a draw and even to win
had they not been so inaccurate during the third quarter. But, it's the
score in the end that counts and it was in favour of Clonoulty, who have
guaranteed their place in the knockout stages.
Players to impress for Clonoulty were Aidan Butler, John O'Neill, Timmy
Hammersley, Thomas Butler and John O'Keeffe, while for Golden Michael
Harding in first half, Paddy Ivers, Aidan Fogarty and Jim Bob McCarthy
in second-half were best.

Clonoulty-Rossmore: Declan O'Dwyer, Brian Ryan, John Heffernan, Kevin
Horan, John O'Keeffe, Anthony Kearney, James Heffernan, John Devane
(0-1), Tom Butler, Timmy Hammersley (0-9), Aidan Butler (1-2), Thomas
Butler, Fiachra O'Keeffe (0-1), Con O'Keeffe (1-0), John O'Neill (0-5).
Subs: Jason Forrestal for Fiachra O'Keeffe, Joey O'Keeffe for John
Devane, Conor Ryan (C) for Con O'Keeffe.

Golden-Kilfeacle: Tom Tierney, Paul Fogarty, Kevin McCarthy, Gerald
Fogarty, Daithi Bargary, Paddy Ivers, Donncha Carr, Aidan Fogarty,
Michael Harding (1-7), John Colohan, Jim Bob McCarthy (0-3), Damien
Fogarty (1-0), Michael Stapleton, Sean Carr (0-1), Shane Stapleton
(1-0). Sub: Brian Fogarty for Michael Stapleton.

Referee: Eamonn Browne (Kickhams)

Report submitted by Seamus J King


Clonoulty/Rossmore V Kniockavilla Kickhams 11/5/08 @ Sean Tracey Park, Tipperary Town

Clonoulty-Rossmore 1-14 Kickhams 1-11

Clonoulty-Rossmore survived a late Kickham rally to take the points in this West senior hurling clash with Kickhams at Tipperary on Sunday afternoon. For most of the game after the initial opening quarter it appeared they were that bit better than the opposition but a revived Kickham effort in the final few minutes of the game put the game in doubt.

On a lazy, hazy afternoon in a Sean Treacy's Park, coloured by a profusion of dandelions and docks, the game never reached any great heights with the late revival rescuing it from toal anonymity.
Kickhams had the edge in the opening twenty minutes and this was reflected in their lead of six points to three at the end of the period. Alan Horgan opened their account in the third minute, collecting a good clearance from Damian McGrath and sending it between the posts. Clonoulty replied with a point from Timmy Hammersley and he followed with a second three minutes later. In the meantime Michael Heelan scored twice from placed balls for Kickhams, the two of them from around the sixty-five marrk. He was to lose his touch later on when scores were vital.

Kickhams were to add three more points by the twentieth minute with only one reply by Clonoulty to leave the score 0-6 to 0-3 at this point. Kickhams looked good and were translating their superiority into scores.
At this stage Clonoulty came more into the game with Tom Butler playing an influential role at centrefield and feeding a lot of ball to the his forwards. In the remainder of the half Clonoulty were to outscore Kickhams by five points to one to lead by 0-8 to 0-7 at the interval. Four of these points were to come from Timmy Hammersley, who played a very influential part. In fact Clonoulty might have been further infront but for some bad misses from scoreable opportunities.

Kickhams made a number of substitutions in the second half with Kenneth Horgan replacing Jason Lukeman and Derek Breen coming on for Peter Comerford.
Also, prior to the commencement of the secondhalf, referee Richie Barry red-carded Clonoulty trainer and selector, Donagh O'Donnell, allegedly for persistent criticism of match officials during the first half.
Kickhams hopes were severely dented in the opening thirty seconds when Con O'Keeffe raced through for a Clonoulty goal and this was quickly foowed by a point from Timmy Hammersley to increase their lead to 1-9 to 0-7.
This whirlwind start put it up to Kickhams. Kenny Horgan replied with a free. John O'Brien replaced Nigel Hayes but the momentum was with Clonoulty and Timmy Hammersley had another point. The sides exchanged points and then in the sixteenth minute Timmy Hamersley was sent of for a second yellow card.

At this stage the score stood at 1-11 to 0-9 and little happened for the next ten minutes. It appeared as if the game were just drifting to an end with the victory inevitable. Both sides exchanged points in the twenty-sixth and twenty-seventh minutes to leave five points still between the sides.

Then in the course of two minutes the game transformed. A good sideline puck by Kickhams seemed to be going wide but was batted back into play and smashed to the net by Alan Horgan. The smae player followed up with a point to leave the minimum between the sides in injury time.

The game continued for three minutes but Clonoulty weatherd the strorm scoring two points, the second from Aidan Butler a particularly fine effort from the sideline about forty yards out. These scored put three points between the sides.

Kickhams had a free and a 65 in the dying moments to rescue a draw but failed to get the goal they needed and Clonoulty were victorious by 1-14 to 1-11. They probably deserved the victory having been on top for so much of the game. While Kickhams will be disappointed they didn't keep the momentum going in the dying minutes, they will be pleased with a much improved performance on their earlier game against Eire Óg.

Clonoulty-Rossmore; Declan O'Dwyer, Kevin Horan, John Heffernan (capt.), Joey O'Keeffe, John O'Keeffe, Jmaes Heffernan, Liam Devane, Tom Butler (0-1), John Devane, Timmy Hammersley (0-10), Aidan Butler (0-1), Thomas Butler, Fiachra O'Keeffe (0-1), Con O'Keeffe (1-0), John O'Neill (0-1). Subs: Conor Ryan for Con O'Keeffe, Sean O'Connor for Tom Butler.

Kickhams: Patrick Ryan, Michael Shanahan, Jimmy Farrell, Padraig Hayes, Damian McGrath (0-2), Nigel Hayes, Brian Horgan, Michael Heelan (0-2), Vincent Kelly, Richard Horgan, Alan Horgan,(1-2) Jason Lukeman, Peter Comerford (0-1), Paul O'Dwyer (0-1), Tommy Comerford (0-1). Subs: Kenneth Horgan (0-2) for Jason Lukeman, Derek Breen for Peter Comerford, John O'Brien for Nigel Hayes, James Shanahan for Vincent Kelly,

Referee: Richie Barry (Cappawhite)

Clonoulty/Rossmore V Cashel 4/5/08

Clonoulty/Rossmore 1.15 Cashel King Cormacs 1.14

In this Tipperary Co-Op Super Valu West SHC game in sunny Dundrum on Sunday afternoon Clonoulty/Rossmore were lucky to survive a late King Cormacs rally to get back to winning ways in the championship. This probably is a wake up call for Clonoulty/Rossmore as the young Cashel guns after lack lustre first period came out in the second half with all guns blazing and indeed had Ryan O'Dwyer been in shooting form or had a colleague to finish in the final minutes they could have claimed the spoils.

The first half was a rather tame affair. Con O'Keeffe had Clonoulty/Rossmore ahead with a goal and a point after five minutes. Tom Butler the most effective forward in the early stages supplying the pass for the goal and adding a point after seven minutes. The early omens were not good for a shaky Clonoulty/Rossmore defense as Darragh O'Brien was having a field day at top of the right. He had Cashels first four points, two from frees. At the end of the first quarter Clonoulty/Rossmore were ahead1.03 to 0.04.

Then Clonoulty/Rossmore sent Joey O'Keeffe to corner back to police O'Brien. Tom Butler went to midfield with county minor Thomas Butler going to right half forward. Ryan O'Dwyer set up Michael O'Connor for Cashels fifth point.Clonoulty/Rossmore increased their lead with points from John Devane,Thomas Butler and Timmy Hammersley. Darragh O'Brien pointed a Cashel free and Kevin O'Sullivan placed Michael Coleman for another super Cashel point. At this stage with the half drawing to a close a two points separated the sides. Then a great move involving Thomas Butler and Timmy Hammersley put John Devane through the Cashel defense,his rasping shot from point blank range was saved brilliantly for a sixty five by Kevin O'Sullivan.Timmy Hammersley pointed the sixty five and Cashel trailed at the break by a goal,0.07 to 1.07.

Tom Butler did not resume in the second half for Clonoulty/Rossmore,his place was taken by John O'Neill.Daragh O'Brien pointed two early frees to leave the minimum between the sides 1.07 to 0.09 after five minutes of the half. However Clonoulty/Rossmore then got on top and Cashel did not raise a flag for the next thirteen minutes.Clonoulty/Rossmore had six unanswered points, four from Timmy Hammersley-two frees, and one each from John Devane and Aidan Butler.Clonoulty/Rossmore now led 1.13 to 0.09 at the end of the third quarter.Darragh O'Brien and Lee Burke reduced the deficit with points and Timmy Hammersley replied for Clonoulty/Rossmore.Then the Cashel  half back line began to dominate and Ryan O'Dwyer also was making his presence felt on the forty.O'Dwyer set up Lee Burke for a point and then Michael O'Connor soloed from midfield, his shot from the left wing ended up in the Clonoulty/Rossmore net off the post. It was now a two point game. Thomas O'Dwyer then missed a chance to kick the ball into an empty net. There were signs of panic as Darragh O'Brien cut the deficit to one point and usually reliable Timmy Hammersley missed two frees. Ryan O'Dwyer set up Michael O'Connor in front of the Clonoulty/Rossmore goals but it took a wonderful block down from Joey O'Keeffe to prevent a score. With time running out John Devane sent wide before Timmy Hammersley put John O'Neill through for their last score to restore their two point lead. Ryan O'Dwyer fluffed a gilt edge scoring chance before later setting up Darragh O'Brien for the final point of  the game. Time ran out for Cashel and Clonoulty/Rossmore just about deserved the spoils after seeing off the late Cashel rally.

Clonoulty/Rossmore:Declan O'Dwyer;Kevin Horan,John Heffernan, Brian Ryan; John O'Keeffe, James Heffernan, Liam Devane;Sean O'Connor, Joey O'Keeffe, John Devane(0.02)(0.01f),Conor Ryan, Tom Butler(0.02);Fiachra O'Keeffe, Con O'Keeffe(1.01), Timmy Hammersley(0.07)(0.03f)(0.01 65).Subs: Thomas Butler(0.01) for Brian Ryan, John O'Neill (0.01) for Tom Butler,Aidan Butler(0.01) for Conor Ryan, Anthony Kearney for John O'Keeffe.

Cashel K.C.:Kevin O'Sullivan;Sean Kennedy, Michael Quinlan,Christy Ryan; Brian Minogue,Patrick Coates, Edmond O'Dwyer;David Delahunty,Frank Culleton,Ryan O'Dwyer,Michael O'Connor(1.01),Michael Coleman(0.01);Darragh O'Brien(0.10)(0.06f), Thomas O'Dwyer,Lee Burke(0.02).Subs: Ronan O'Donoghue for Frank Culleton,Philip Taylor for Michael Coleman.

Referee: Sean Bradshaw.


Clonoulty/Rossmore V Cappawhite 27/4/08


S.H.C.: Cappawhite 1-14 .. Clonoulty\Rossmore 1-7.

A dominant second half performance helped Cappawhite to a decisive seven-point win over a disappointing Clonoulty\Rossmore side in the first round of the Tipperary Co-op West S.H.C. at a damp Dundrum venue on Sunday evening last.

After turning over on level terms following a tame first half Cappawhite looked set to squander a winning opportunity with a string of frustrating wides. However, in the end persistence paid off and once substitute Seanie Ryan edged them in front they closed out the win with a finishing burst of scores that left Clonoulty trailing badly.

The first half was tepid enough with no decisive action from either side. The teams swapped points early on and were level on 0-2 apiece after ten minutes, Timmy Hammersley on target with a pair of frees for Clonoulty and Alan O'Neill (free) and John Ryan raising the Cappa' flags. They were still level on 0-3 apiece at the end of the opening quarter, Tom Butler hitting a huge point for Clonoulty and Tom Treacy responding for Cappawhite.

Already Cappawhite were having difficulty with their free-taking, Alan O'Neill untypically off target. Clonoulty were far more economical. Tom Butler had the point of the half from a side line cut' and when Fiachra O'Keeffe skipped away from his marker to land two more points Clonoulty led by six-four. It was to be the high point of their effort.

Cappawhite, despite hitting eight first half wides finished the half strongest. Gerry O'Neill took over the free-taking to land one and when Cian Creedon hit another from play the sides headed to the dressing rooms at half time on level terms, 0-6 apiece.

It was an undistinguished first half but in fairness the second period stepped up a gear to give the attendance something to relish. Clonoulty were first to cheer when they goaled five minutes after the restart. It was a well worked score too Timmy Hammersley picking out Fiachra O'Keeffe who blasted to the roof of the net as the defenders closed in. Alan O'Neill got a point back for Cappawhite with a free and eight minutes into the second half John Devane restored Clonoulty's three point edge. Amazingly it was to be Clonoulty's last flag of the game.

The last twenty minutes of so makes unpleasant reading for Clonoulty. Cappawhite gradually began to turn the screw and except for poor finishing would have this game done and dusted long before the end. The Cappawhite defence began to dominate with Shane McDermott and Thomas Costello strong in the central positions. Cian Creedon and Tom Treacy were busy at midfield while the attack was at least creating opportunities even if the finishing was often lacking.

Gradually Cappawhite chipped away at the lead. When corner back, Michael O'Neill, chased his opposite number up field he pointed to level the game with just over five minutes remaining. Then substitute Seanie Ryan announced his arrived with two lead points. The rest was an encore from Cappawhite. Alan O'Neill added two more points, one from a free, and then set up Ciaran Ryan for the goal that finally clinched the outcome. Earlier Declan O'Dwyer kept Clonoulty in the contest with two useful saves from Dessie Ryan.

In the end Cappawhite took the honours comfortably and will be happy with a display that while flawed in some respects at least showed spirit and persistence. With the championship being run on a league system Clonoulty have still plenty of opportunities to defend their crown. They'll need to step up considerably however from this form. Apart from a few individual items their attack lacked a cutting edge. Tom Butler did well at midfield in the first half and substitute, Sean O'Connor, caught the eye when introduced. The defence and goalie overall did well but this display generally was well short of the form that won the West last year.

Scorers for Cappawhite: Ciaran Ryan 1-0, Alan O'Neill 0-5 (0-3 from frees), Tom Treacy, Johnny Ryan (P) and Seanie Ryan 0-2 each, Cian Creedon, Gerry O'Neill (free) and Michael O'Neill 0-1 each.

Scorers for Clonoulty\Rossmore: Fiachra O'Keeffe 1-2, Timmy Hammersley 0-2 (both frees), Tom Butler 0-2 (0-1 from a side line), John Devane 0-1.

Cappawhite: George Kelly; Ross Dunne, Thomas Costello, Michael O'Neill; Michael Buckley, Shane McDermott, Matthew Kennedy; Cian Creedon and Tom Treacy; Paul Fitzgerald, Dessie Ryan (P), Alan O'Neill; Gerry O'Neill, John Ryan (P), Ciaran Ryan (P). Subs: Seanie Ryan for Gerry O'Neill.

Clonoulty\Rossmore: Declan O'Dwyer; Kevin Horan, John Heffernan, Brian Ryan; John O'Keeffe, James Heffernan, Liam Devane; Tom Butler and Jason Forrestal; John Devane, Conor Ryan (C), Timmy Hammersley; Fiachra O'Keeffe, Conor Devane, John O'Neill. Subs: Sean O'Connor for Liam Devane, Joey O'Keeffe for Jason Forrestal, Aidan Butler for Conor Devane and Tom Butler for John O'Neill.

Ref: Phil Ryan, Kickhams.